ProJet and Tolko install 2 Full Width high pressure belt cleaners (Eco4000)

September 2021

ProJet ( received an order for 2 new high pressure belt cleaners from Tolko, Slave Lake, AB, Canada early in 2021. The equipment was delivered on site in June 2021.The Belt Cleaners, two (2) full width Eco 4000-units, are quite unique for this application; ProJet is the only vendor in the world to supply this type of belt cleaning systems.

Tolko and ProJet now installed both units, ready to be started up in October. Tolko: “The installation works went smoothly thanks to all preparations that were done from both Tolko and ProJet. We will now make the final connections for all utilities and we’re ready to start these units.”

ProJet’s Eco 4000 installed at Top unit at Tolko

The Eco4000 system uses 16 rotating nozzle heads that oscillate to avoid creating cleaning patterns, i.e. guaranteeing a uniform cleaning over the full width of the belt. There will be 1 system for the Top belt and 1 for the Bottom belt.

Furthermore, the Eco4000 delivers the following operational and performance benefits:

  • Substantial cleaning water savings (= operational cost reduction + improved profitability): 
  • Water mist elimination is achieved by the application of air knives that contain water mist and contamination
  • Targeted cleaning enables an operator to control the Cleaner for not only overall CD fabric/felt cleaning but to also apply targeted zone/strip or edge cleaning.

The Eco4000 cleans the Belts continuously, 24 hours a day, as long as the machine is running. Older technologies are operated in batch cleaning mode, allowing the belts to get dirty first, losing permeability, and then trying to restore that permeability again. This leads to uneven permeability profiles over time, mostly leading to quality issues.

ProJet’s Main Control Cabinet

ProJet is represented by FP Coinner in Canada. Coinner has been assisting the Canadian paper industry for the last 30 years, striving to help Canadian Paper mills gear up and adopt technology driven productions. Coinner has been bringing new and latest technology to the Canadian pulp-, and paper-mills and wood-manufacturing lines (MDF, OSB, etc.), which has a direct influence on paper quality and machine run ability.

ROI calculator:

ProJet understands that each client application and each manufacturing process is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application and produced paper grade. By contacting or ProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any belt cleaning application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification.

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