ProJet receives order from Graphic Packaging, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

September 2023

ProJet b.v. received an order from Graphic Packaging, Kalamazoo, MI, USA for 4 ProCleaners for the Forming Wires of their K1-Board machine. The value of this order will not be disclosed. The ProCleaners are scheduled to be delivered in 2024 with commissioning later in 2024.

The ProJet b.v. cleaning heads are equipped with ProMax chemical spraying capability to enhance cleaning efficiency even further. ProMax can be added continuously or intermittently for the Forming Fabrics of the middle layers of the board, which tend to contaminate more. The ProJet b.v. are furthermore equipped with PLUS-mode, which guarantees highest possible cleaning capacity if and when required. Contact Claus Robberts or Max Robberts to learn more details about ProMax and PLUS-mode. 

Graphic Pkg. justifies the investment based on reduction in water consumption: the ProCleaner use a single traversing head that cover the wires as fast as the existing conventional oscillating showers. The conventional HP Showers can be eliminated completely. Users of the ProCleaner achieve substantial water savings because the ProJet Cleaner uses only 1.3gpm (5.0 ltr/min) of water; a conventional shower consumes over 40gpm (100ltr/min)

ProCleaners for the Wire Section will provide the following enormous benefits:
Water savings of up to 95%
– Electrical power savings up to 90%
– Improved dewatering capacity of the Wires
– Reduced number of sheet breaks, improved sheet quality

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