ProJet receives order from Cartiera Pirinoli, Roccavione (CN), Italy

June 2023

ProJet, Netherlands received an order for the supply of 4 new high pressure showers, which will be delivered to PM1 at Cartiera Pirinoli, Roccavione(CN), Italy.

Pirinoli is a leading packaging paper manufacturer in Italy. Pirinoli S.C. paper mills specializes in the production of multilayer and single-coated cartonboard for foldable boxes and grey carton for packaging, cores, interlayers and tubes. The coated cardboard, 100% recyclable, is perfectly suited for primary packaging: it protects the product and can be personalized with graphics and messages aimed to the consumer.

Pirinoli justifies the investment purely based on reduction in water consumption: the ProCleaner use a single traversing head that cover the faster than the existing conventional oscillating showers. The conventional HP Showers can be eliminated completely. Users of the ProCleaner achieve substantial water savings because the ProJet Cleaner uses only 1.3gpm (5.0ltr/min) of water; a conventional shower consumes over 40gpm (100ltr/min)

Moreover, the ProCleaner:

  • Eliminates the need for cleaning and passivation chemicals
  • Extends the lifetime of Forming Fabrics
  • Eliminates the need for shutdowns for manual cleaning

Value of the order will not be disclosed and delivery of the Cleaners is scheduled for late 2023 with a start-up in 2024.

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