ProJet receives order for Power Cleaner from Saint-Gobain / ADFORS, Litomysl, Czech Republic

March 2022

ProJet received an order for a Power Cleaner Belt Cleaning system on a Saturator Wire at ADFORS in the Czech Republic. ADFORS is part of Saint Gobain, a world wide Fiber Glass Mat Manufacturer. 

Saint Gobain has manufacturing sites in Europe, North America and Asia. Most sites are already using ProJet Belt Cleaners on several sections of their manufacturing processes. This new Belt Cleaner system for the Litomysl site will be the 4th system delivered to that particular site and the 21st to Saint Gobain as a group.

In the Saturator Section, binder (UF modifiers, formaldehyde free binders, and glass mat coatings) is applied to the glass fibers, typically acrylic/latex. The binder is used to bond the loose fibers, but, obviously, some of the binder material bleeds through the fibers onto the Saturator Wire. Over time, the build up of binder on the Wire gets so much that it loses permeability which leads to an uneven distribution of binder in Cross Machine Direction.

ProJet has many references in the Glass Mat Manufacturing Industry already. All clients select ProJet as preferred supplier because the company’s unique knowledge of the manufacturing process. The number of nozzles, pressure and size of the nozzles, in combination with the unique debris evacuation system lead to optimum performance of the belts throughout the lifetime of the belts.

A saturator belt before (left) and after being cleaned by ProJet’s Power Cleaner

The equipment is to be delivered in summer 2022, start-up is scheduled later in 2022. ProJet is a company with over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing innovative process wire belt cleaning systems. The ProJet system consumes very little water, compressed air, and electrical energy. This innovative cleaning system is being used successfully by Glass Mat Manufacturers around the globe. Each ProJet system is designed for its specific position in the production line, i.e. Forming-, Saturator or Oven Wire application.

Applying a ProJet Wire Cleaning Solution guarantees consistently clean wire belts from the beginning to end of usable wire life.  Consistently clean belts insure the following significant manufacturing advantages:

  • Mechanical brush roll or natural gas burner cleaning systems are not required to maintain wire cleanliness.
  • No shutdowns will be required for wire cleaning. This will provide increased manufacturing productivity and profitability.
  • Maintaining consistently high oven wire air permeability increases available oven capacity reduces natural gas consumption.
  • Better CD glass mat profiles will be maintained. 
  • Sheet curling, caused by uneven drying, will be eliminated. 
  • Wire life will be improved. 

All ProJet Systems use High Pressure Water, Air knives and Vacuum to effectively clean the Wire Belts.

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