April 2021: ProJet receives order for a Dual Tail Cutter for Strathcona Paper, Napanee, ON, Canada

ProJet received an order for a unique Dual Cutter, also called Tail & Deckle Cutter, for the Wire Section of the Strathcona paper machine in Napanee, ON, Canada. Strathcona is producing board on a 126 in. wide machine with very frequent deckle changes. Strathcona selected ProJet as preferred supplier because ProJet’s Tail & Deckle Cutter excels in quality, reliability and user-friendliness.

ProJet’s Tail & Deckle Cutter has the following features:

  • Automated trim removal before the couch and size press
  •  Eliminates changing deckle widths of suction and press rolls
  •  Substantial savings in drying energy possible if trim is removed at the wet-end instead of after the reel 

This leads to the following benefits:

  • Adjusting the paper width to cross directional shrink => Minimum paper loss at pope roller
  • Parameter feedback: “End of production run” or “All parameters ready to go for new production run” => Unproductive time between production runs is minimized.
  • Setting the Tail width => Quickest possible adjustments.
  • Choosing the position of the Tail => Best position of the press rolls or press felts
  • Choice for dual speed => Optimal speed for “Go to full width” and thus minimizing the risk for sheet breaks.
  •             => Highest possible speed at “Cut off” and thus reducing scrap to a minimum.
  • Remote control => Operating personnel does not need to wait at the forming section during tail transfer=> reduction of labor

The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in Q2, 2021 and installation & start-up in Q3, 2021.

ROI calculator:

ProJet understands that each client application is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application and produced paper grade. By contacting info@projetinc.us or info@pro-jet.nl ProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any Forming Fabric, Press Felt or Dryer Fabric application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification.

ProJet is represented by FP Coinner in Canada. Coinner has been assisting the Canadian paper industry for the last 30 years, striving to help Canadian Paper mills gear up and adopt technology driven productions. Coinner has been bringing new and latest technology to the Canadian paper mills, which has a direct influence on paper quality and machine run ability.

ProJet Technologies, www.pro-jet.nl and www.projetinc.us

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