ProJet receives new orders and successfully starts up Process Belt Cleaners (Power Cleaners) for Nonwovens Lines around the world. 

August 2022

In July and August 2022, ProJet b.v. has succesfully started up Power Belt Cleaners at:

  • Saudi German Nonwovens (SGN), Line 3, Al-Khobar, Saudi-Arabia (July 14-18)
  • PF Nonwovens, Line 12, Znojmo, Czech Republic, (July 20-24)
  • Berry Nanhai Co. Ltd., Line 5, Foshan City, China, (August 1-4)

The start-up service at Berry Nanhai Co. Ltd. in China was not easy, because China still requires a 28 days COVID-quarantine for foreign visitors. To avoid this, ProJet worked closely together with ProJet’s Chinese service partner, Mr. Albert Zhang from SH-Maixin Co. Ltd. After detailed instructions, Albert Zhang did a perfect job in installing & commissioning the Power Cleaner at Berry Nanhai. After the start-up, Albert also performed all safety and operator training. Albert Zhang is available for more start-up jobs to come later this year and in 2023. The successful cooperation between Maixin and ProJet is a long one and goes back all the way to 2008. 

New orders: Tail Cutters for YueLi:

In the meantime, orders for a total of 4 Tail Cutters for 2 new Paper Machines were received from Taiwanese OEM YueLi. All Tail Cutters will be installed in new Paper Machines in Mainland China and Vietnam. This new order is yet another addition to the long-term exclusive relationship between ProJet and YueLi.

Belt Cleaning in Nonwovens processes:

In almost every nonwovens manufacturing process, conveyor wire belts are used. Each manufacturing process has one or more conveyors to support the sheet while it’s being manufactured. Each productions process has its specific type of contamination, but fact is, that most of the conveyor contaminate that will sooner or later lead to problems in the manufacturing process.

The benefits of consistently clean machine clothing

Clean conveyor belts, with consistently high air permeability, heat transferring and dewatering capabilities, delivers important productivity and performance advantages:

  • Consistently clean Forming Wire Belts give better formation of sheet.
  • In case of the use of binders in the process, the binder will partially bleed through the sheet and contaminate the belt underneath. Clean Saturator and Binder Belts will guarantee best binder distribution and saturation of the nonwovens sheet.
  • Clean Dryer or Oven Belts with high permeability or porosity provide highest drying capacity so less drying energy is required. At the same time, much less contamination will be deposited on dryers, doctor blades, and rolls. 

Advantages of Continuous and On-line Cleaning

ProJet is a globally operating company with over 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative High Pressure Cleaning systems for nonwovens manufacturing lines. Over 1,500 ProJet cleaning systems are successfully installed and running in manufacturing processes worldwide. The ProJet system consumes very little water, compressed air, and very little electrical energy. This innovative on-line cleaning system is being applied successfully in every possible manufacturing line.  Applying a ProJet Cleaning Solution guarantees consistently clean wire belts from beginning to end of the usable life, while using a minimum of utility resources.

ProJet engineers at work

Power Cleaner

ProJet’s Power Cleaner systems all use a highly reliable traversing beam with a single oscillating cleaning head with multiple nozzles and high pressure water, all designed for the specific position in the machine. The cleaning head is equipped with vacuum and air knives leading to the following features and benefits:

  • The vacuum and debris discharge system allows the Power Cleaner to operate completely mist free, leading to a much cleaner machine and work environment.
  • Debris and contaminants are discharged, away from the manufacturing process, eliminating the risk for re-contamination.
  • The head can be sent to particular trouble zones, providing targeted and more efficient cleaning than conventional showers.
  • The head can parked outside the machine, allowing for nozzle changes during the production process.

ROI calculator

ProJet understands that each client application is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application and produced nonwovens grade. By contacting or ProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any Wire Belt cleaning application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification.

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