ProJet gets record order for high pressure cleaners

ProJet won a tender for the supply of 74 new high pressure showers, which will be delivered to all paper machines of Siam Cement Group (SCG). SCG is the holding company of Siam Kraft, Thai Kraft, Thai Cane, all located in Thailand and Vinakraft, located in Vietnam.

ProJet will supply a total 74 high pressure showers for all Press Felts and Forming Fabrics for a total of 12 paper machines, 10 located in Thailand and 2 located in Vietnam. All these machines produce kraftliner and/or corrugated medium at an average width of 5000mm (200 in.) and an average speed of 600m/min (1800fpm). Most of SCG’s machines were already equipped with some ProJet showers, now the remaining 74 felts and fabrics will be equipped with these as well.

ProJet Cleaner installed on a Fourdrinier fabric

The ProCleaner Type F (Forming Fabrics) and Type P (Press Felts) use a single traversing head that cover the felts almost three times as fast as the existing conventional oscillating showers. Furthermore, SCG expects to achieve substantial water savings becasue the ProJet Cleaner uses only 1.3gpm (5.0litre/min) of water; a conventional shower consumes over 40gpm.

Delivery of the first Cleaners is expected in December 2017, last Cleaners are scheduled to be delivered in Q2, 2018.

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