ProJet at Exhibition in Lucca, Italy

September 2022

ProJet at an exhibition in Lucca, Italy

ProJet B.V., is a worldwide operating company known for its High Pressure showers for Forming Fabrics, Press Felts and Dryer Fabrics, Tail Cutters & Trim Squirts for both Wet End and Dry End, Coater Backing Roll Cleaners and Water Treatment Systems. ProJet will be at an exhibition in Lucca, Italy where it will present all most recent developments and technologies. Most important show case will be the upgraded Dryer Fabric Cleaner, Power CleanerTM 2.0. A clean dryer fabric, with consistently high air permeability, delivers important productivity and performance advantages for dryer section applications. The desired end result, of a clean dryer fabric, is a substantial improvement in available dryer capacity. Dryer fabric contamination is on the rise due to the increasing use of secondary fibers, recycling of coated broke, increasing use of sheet fillers, an increased use of recycled mill water supplies, and the increased use of process chemicals. Figures below show how an effective ProJet fabric cleaning system prevents contamination build-up when used continuously. The ProJet system consumes very little water, compressed air, or electrical energy. This innovative cleaning system is being applied successfully to very low basis weight product as well has heavy weight paper board applications. 

Upgraded Power Cleaner 2.0-head

Improved features of Power 2.0:

  1. Possible to run more nozzles continuously > improved cleaning efficiency
  2. Nozzles are directed against running direction of the dryer fabric > improved cleaning efficiency
  3. Cleaning head is more compact and gap to fabric is smaller > much stronger vacuum > more effective evacuation of contamination from cleaning head
  4. Air blades are more effective and located after the roll > much better drying effect > reducing danger of wet streaks to zero
  5. Save-all and outlet hood have improved design > more effective evacuation of contamination from save-all in waste drains
  6. Self cleaning station now includes a washing cycle for the venturi-vacuum tubes > more effective flushing > much stronger vacuum > more effective evacuation of contamination from cleaning head

ROI calculator:

ProJet understands that each client application is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application and produced paper grade. By contacting or ProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any Forming Fabric, Press Felt or Dryer Fabric application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification.

ProJet is represented in Italy by Techno Paper, Emidio LoMonaco,  has been assisting the Italian paper industry for the last 20 years to ‘know the unknown’ and striving to help paper mills gear up and adopt technology driven productions. LoMonaco’s constant endeavor has been towards establishing and bringing to the doorsteps of Italian Paper Mills, new and latest technology which has a direct influence on paper quality and machine run ability.

ProJet Technologies, and

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