ProJet appoints new Sales Representative in Colombia

November 2022

ProJet has appointed Victor Velasquez located in Cali, Colombia as its exclusive Sales Agent to offer solutions to the pulp and paper, fiberboard, nonwovens, composite- and wood-panel, and various other industries in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Central-America for its entire range of products. Victor can be contacted through,

Victor Velasquez has great expertise and experience in the Pulp and Paper industry. Victor is focused on the pulp and paper industry, and strive to deliver complete solutions and to be available throughout the whole chain – with everything from design to manufacturing and processing, through to installation and dismantling. Together with their partner Victor offer a wide range of services, products and solutions within the pulp- & paper industry, such as new installations, commissioning and maintenance work.

Victor has been assisting the Colombian paper industry for the last 30 years to ‘know the unknown’ and striving to help paper mills gear up and adopt technology driven productions. The constant endeavor has been towards establishing and bringing to the doorsteps of South American Paper Mills, new and latest technology which has a direct influence on paper quality and machine run ability.

ProJet Technologies, and

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