Single High Pressure Water Jet for Dryer Section


The ProJet water jet tail cutter is more efficient and reliable than traditional saw or knife tail cutters. Works on all grades, all speeds, and exerts no drag on the sheet.



  • Compact tail cutter traverse beam;
  • Variable speed drive system includes encoder for precise position control;
  • Integration of system controls into PLC, or existing DCS systems possible;
  • Pressure from 350 bar / 5,000 psig up to 3,000 bar / 45,000 psig;
  • Back up nozzle is standard;
  • Up to 2000 g/m² and 2000 m/min.

Pump Specifications

  • Max. pressure: 3,000 bar (45,000 psig);
  • Power: 10.0 kW (13.5 hp);
  • Intensifier and accumulator based on 4000 bar technology;
  • PLC control with LED indicator for status information, error messages, and maintenance status;
  • Safety features for power supply, oil temperature, oil level and water inlet pressure;
  • Integrated air/oil cooler with integrated thermostatic valve and relief by-pass.


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