Shock Cleaner for Dryer Fabrics Batch or Discontinuous Cleaning


Whereas the ProCleaner cleans the Dryer fabric continuously, the Shock Cleaner does this on a discontinuous basis.

Instead of using only one or two nozzles at very high pressure and low water consumption, the Shock Cleaner uses a whole block of nozzles at medium pressure and higher water consumption, but only for a very short period of time.



  • Automatically, at every sheet break or in between production runs;
  • Manually, after shutdowns to give a quick wash up before starting production.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced down time for cleaning at breaks and after shutdowns;
  • Enormous water savings;
  • No more chemicals;
  • Possibility for strip cleaning.

Especially Useful on:

  • 1st Dryer Sections;
  • After Size Press;
  • After on-machine Coater.

Energy data, Type Shock (Dryer Fabrics, Batch)

  • Maximum pressure: 80 bar (12 psig);
  • Water consumption per nozzle: 15 l/min (3.5 GPM);
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.0 m³/min (35 CFM).

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