Scope of Supply


Typical scope of supply consist of:

  • ProCleaner(s) itself;
  • Pump unit(s);
  • Control System.


Pump Module

Up to 4 cleaners can be supplied with one module.

The pump module is completely assembled on a stainless steel frame, with integrated high-pressure filters installed. All safety components, to include pressure switches, temperature switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulator, etc. are included in the pump module supply. The pump module is completely pre-assembled with stainless steel piping and all electrical components are pre-wired with all electrical connections terminated in a junction box that is part of the pump module supply.

Maximum Operating Pressures

For Forming Section:
• max. 120 bar (1,800 psig).

For Press Section:
• max. 60 bar (900 psig).

For Forming Dryer Section:
• continuous: max. 350 bar (5,000 psig);
• batch: max. 80 bar (1,200 psig).

Note: An existing pump can also be used for batch cleaning.


Control System

Up to 4 cleaners can be controlled with one system.

A central control cabinet is supplied with single or multiple ProJet cleaning system installations. In addition, each ProCleaner is supplied with a local control case. As an option, a touch panel control case will be supplied for remote control of all ProJet systems from a control room or other central location.

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