ProCleaner Type F & P for Former Fabrics and Press Felts


The ProCleaner Type F and Type P, are continuous High Pressure Traversing Showers, with fixed needle jets is designed for the wet section of paper-, board- and tissue-machines.


Features & Benefits

  • Mist free operation because of airknives;
  • Strip cleaning or edge cleaning possible;
  • No more dirty streaks caused by clogged nozzles, because nozzles cover the entire fabric width;
  • Thee (3) different nozzle angles: enhanced cleaning;
  • Much lower water consumption (5ltr/min vs. >100ltr/min);
  • Discharge of impurities outside machine;
  • Park position outside machine: possible nozzle change during production and automatic self cleaning.

Energy data, Type F (Forming Fabrics)

  • Maximum pressure: 200 bar (3000 psig);
  • Water consumption: 5 l/min (1.2 GPM);
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.0 m³/min (35 CFM).


Energy data, Type P (Press Felts)

  • Maximum pressure: 50 bar (700 psig);
  • Water consumption: < 4 l/min (< 1.0 GPM);
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.0 m³/min (35 CFM).

Return on investment

  • Longer lifetime of felts: up to 70%;
  • Reduction of breaks due to dirty felts: up to 100%;
  • Elimination of downtime for manual cleaning;
  • Reduction of chemicals: up to 100%;
  • Elimination of downgrades caused by marking on the sheet by stickies on rolls or fabrics;
  • Better CD profile: up to 0.7% dryness increase coming out of Press Section;
  • Elimination of HP shower: reduction of water consumption:
    100l/min >> 5l/min.
  • Up to 5 cleaners on 1 pump station;
  • Up to 5 cleaners on 1 control system.

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