Power Cleaner, Type 4000


Full Width Process Wire Belt Cleaner
- Continuous;
- High Pressure Water;
- Drying by Air Knifes.

Power Cleaner 4000 applications:
- Food process lines;
- Wood particles board lines;
- Woodchip drying lines;
- Linoleum production lines;
- Fiberglass-mat production lines;
- Insulation mat production lines;
- Airlaid paper production lines.


To minimize system downtime during required maintenance,
every Power Cleaner 4000 is equipped with a self-cleaning wash system inside the cleaning head that provides an auto-wash cycle or maintenance. After a specified and programmable period of fabric cleaning, the ProJet cleaning head will automatically start an auto cleaning cycle. A flush water valve, with medium water pressure, is automatically opened to flush all contamination from the interior of the cleaning hood. The automatic cleaning cycle guarantees flawless operation during a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week production schedule.

The wash station park position is retracted from the roll to enable access. This offline location for the wash station provides complete accessibility for maintenance, nozzle can be changed during production, and the cleaning hood, in this off-line location, eliminates interference during a dryer fabric change.

What are the advantages of Continuous Conveyor Belt Cleaning?
Applying a ProJet Wire Cleaning Solution guarantees consistently clean belts from beginning to end of usable belt life. Consistently clean belts deliver the following significant manufacturing advantages:

  • No chemical cleaning will be required to maintain belt cleanliness;
  • No shutdowns will be required for belt cleaning. This will be provide increased manufacturing productivity and profitability;
  • Maintaining consistently high dryer belt air permeability increases available dryer capacity; - Better CD moisture profiles will be maintained;
  • Sheet curling, caused by uneven drying, will be eliminated;
  • Dryer belt life will be substantially improved;
  • Much less contamination will be deposited on dryers, doctor blades and felt rolls.
  1. Long lifetime of fabrics: up to 70%;
  2. Reduction of drying energy: up to 5%;
  3. Reduction of breaks due to dirty fabrics: up to 100%;
  4. Elimination of downtime for manual cleaning;
  5. Higher speed possible due to improved drying: up to 5%; 6. Higher product quality.

Energy applied & Consumption

  • HP Pump Pressure: up to 350bar / 5000psi;
  • Multiple Nozzle (1-8), 0,2mm / .008”;
  • Water Consumption per Nozzle: 0,5l/min / 0.12g.min; - Power: typically 12kW / 15hp;
  • Air Consumption per meter width: 1 m3/min / 35CFM.

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