Dual Tail Cutter (Tail and Deckle Cutter) for Wet Section



  • Automated trim removal before the couch and size press;
  • Eliminates changing deckle widths of suction and press rolls;
  • Substantial savings in drying energy possible if trim is removed at the wet-end instead of after the reel.




  • Adjusting the paper width to cross directional shrink => Minimum paper loss at pope roller;
  • Parameter feedback: “End of production run” or “All parameters ready to go for new production run”
    => Unproductive time between production runs is minimized;
  • Setting the Tail width => Quickest possible adjustments;
  • Choosing the position of the Tail => Best position of the press rolls or press felts;
  • Choice for dual speed => Optimal speed for “Go to full width” and thus minimizing the risk for sheet breaks.=> Highest possible speed at “Cut off” and thus reducing scrap to a minimum;
  • Remote control => Operating personnel does not need to wait at the forming section during tail transfer => reduction of labour.
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