May 2021: ProJet receives order for Power Cleaners from Fiber Glass Mat Manufacturers

ProJet received an order for Power Cleaners on Oven Belts for 2 Fiber Glass Mat Manufacturers:

  • Nicoglass, Moscow Region, Russia
  • Adfors (Saint-Gobain), Litomysl, Czech Republic

Power Cleaner in operation on an oven belt

The oven belts tend to build up fairly quickly with contamination, which is acrylic binder and fibers, during normal production. This contamination needs to be cleaned very efficiently to be able to maintain normal operation.

ProJet has many references in the Glass Mat Manufacturing Industry already. Both clients selected ProJet as preferred supplier because ProJet’s Power Cleaner has the unique feature of rotating nozzles. The number of nozzles, pressure and size of the nozzles, in combination with the rotation guarantees the most effective cleaning result. This leads to optimum drying performance of the belts throughout the lifetime of the belts.

The equipment to Nicoglass is delivered in June 2021, start-up is scheduled to be a remote one (via the Profinet connection port in the Siemens PLC) later in 2021.

The equipment to Adfors was already delivered in January 2021, start up is late June 2021. This new Oven Belt Cleaner for Adfors’ all new SAZAVA-line, commissioned throughout 2021. The Oven for the new SAZAVA-line was supplied by Spooner Industries Ltd. from the UK. ProJet had already 3 Cleaners running on Adfors’ older production lines. Because of the good experience and relationship between Adfors and ProJet, this repeat order came about. 

ProJet Technologies, and

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