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February 2022

Despite of COVID19 travel restrictions, ProJet continues to fully support customers throughout the world for service and start-ups. Service was performed on ProJet equipment at a paper mill in Barcelona, Spain. PM1 produces Liner and Fluting, using 100% OCC. OCC is known for its extreme contamination on the Dryer Section, which is exactly the reason that this customer chose ProJet. For the preventative maintenance, PM1 relies on ProJet engineers to perform the specialized task.

ProJet has a team on 5 young and dynamic service engineers, that travel the world to service ProJet equipment, perform start-ups and measure-up paper machines for new ProJet equipment.

The Production Manager of PM1: ”ProJet’s engineers are highly knowledgeable and experienced. All ProJet equipment was serviced professionally which guarantees highest reliability and runability.”

The ProJet Service Team provided serviced all equipment, including pumps. Furthermore, upgrades and modernizations were performed,  so this customer is now equipped with state-of-the-art Dryer Fabric cleaning equipment. Unique about this service is that the Power Cleaner is now ProJet’s Power Cleaner 2.0, the upgraded version. The upgrade consists of a smaller cleaner head, more nozzles at higher pressure and improved vacuum/discharge system. The combination of all these improvements is an increased cleaning efficiency, exactly what this customer Barcelona needed for its Dryer Fabrics. 

Power Cleaner, version 2.0 in operation

ROI calculator:

ProJet understands that each client application is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application and produced paper grade. By contacting or ProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any Forming Fabric, Press Felt or Dryer Fabric application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification

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