Chelny Naberezhnye awards order for Dry End Tail Cutters to ProJet

ProJet will deliver new dry end Tail Cutters to Chelny Paper Mill in Tatarstan, Russia. The order was included in ProJet’s second quarter 2020 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The ProJet Radial Saw Tail Cutters are designed to be highly reliable and the Tail Width is adjustable from 20-300mm (0.8-12 in.)

The ProJet Tail Cutters are part of a complete rebuild of the Dryer Section that Chelny is doing to improve speed and paper quality. The Tail Cutters generate a 100% reliable clean cut, guaranteeing maximum reliablity of Tail Threading and therefore reliability of the machine. One Tail Cutter will be installed before the Size Press and the second before the reel at the end of the machine.

ProJet’s Tail Cutter in operation

The radial saws are made of hardened steel, with typical sizes between 200-400mm. Customers that have these Tail Cutters installed, immediately notice the reduction in dirt and dust build up in the cutting area, which A. Leads to a cleaner and healthier working environment for operators and B. Maximizes reliability of the Tail Cutting and Tail Threading procedure on a paper machine. No vacuum or dust bag are required so maintenance is minimized and fire hazards are eliminated.

The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in Q3, 2020 and installation & start-up in Q4, 2020

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