Berry Global, Statesville, NC, USA orders 2 Power Cleaners from ProJet

November 2022

Berry Global, Statesville, has ordered 2 (two) Power Cleaner systems to ProJet. The orders were received in the first week of November. The value of the orders will not be disclosed. Delivery is scheduled to take place in Q1 of 2023 with a start up in 2023 as well.

Berry Global already has a total 16 ProJet Cleaners running worldwide and has now decided for the 2 more ProJet Belt Cleaner for their lines in Statesville, NC, USA. The lines have a width of 4.6 meters and operate at a speed of up to 1,000m/min. ProJet’s Power Cleaner assures non-stop production without the need for stopping the line for belt changes or manual cleaning of the belt. As always, the newest system is equipped with a Water Heater that heats up the pressurized water to 100oC, so the cleaning is done with high pressure steam

Polymer drips, embedded in the belt

The lines use a spunmelt extrusion processes. Both Spunbond and Meltblown are known to create contamination issues on the conveyor belt (also known as spinbelt), each process having its specific characteristics and belt contamination issues. Belt contamination reduces runnability of the production line and therefore output of face-mask material of the whole plant. ProJet’s Power Cleaner runs 24 hours per day, using high pressure water that is heated to 100 degrees Celsius (steam), vacuum systems, compressed air and rotating brushes to keep the spinbelt clean. A clean spinbelt guarantees high quality sheet and longest lifetime of the belt

Power Cleaner auxiliary equipment: pump, heater & water recycling

ROI calculator:

ProJet understands that each client application is unique. For that reason, ProJet developed an automated ROI-calculator that will be applied to each application. By contacting or info@pro-jet.nlProJet will perform a no-charge ROI calculation of any Nonwovens Belt Cleaning application. After inputting the process parameters provided by customers, they will be provided with a ROI-Analysis of each specific application and investment justification

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